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Bluebird Veggie Cafe Nottingham

Bluebird Cafe

A vegan, a vegetarian, a meat eater and a two-year-old walk into a cafe… Sherwood’s newest cafe is situated under the  mural that suggests residents and visitors shop, socialise and relax – the latter two, you can definitely do within this particular vegetarian/vegan establishment. There were two starters on offer (£4.95 each). I went for […]

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The Food Bar Beeston

A relative newcomer to Beeston High St, this place is offering an alternative to greasy bacon cobs for breakfast as well as that which makes the most dullest of lunches for office workers – the jacket potato. All the ingredients they use are super fresh and they make the lot from scratch using local producers […]

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Notts Nosh Kitchen

There’s seven days left for you to help out renovate a kitchen which will be used by the community to teach people about healthy food and how to cook well for themselves. It will also act as a base for business start ups and community projects. A wonderful project with a great passion and heart. […]

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Jim’s Smokehouse

Smokin! Smoking food is far from a new thing – cavemen not only hung chunks of woolly mammoth over embers to dry it out and preserve it, but also to make it flavoursome. It’s a shame the internet wasn’t around – they could have been Instagramming their foodie snaps to their jealous cavemen buddies. It’s […]

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Red’s True Barbecue

Let there be meat! The January blues are set to turn a brighter shade of Red next year, with the launch of Red’s True Barbecue, creating 65 new jobs.  The much talked about authentic American smokehouse will bring its gospel brand of low and slow smoked meat to the city for the first time, making […]

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The Ned Ludd

The Ned Ludd’s attitude is all about making the most of local beer and history. This attitude is also applied to their food – using local, seasonal produce and traditional recipes, the chef has created some favourite British dishes with a contemporary and imaginative twist. It’s sometimes difficult to find vegetarian or vegan versions of […]

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nottingham le bistro pierre

Le Bistro Pierre

Ready, steady, escargot As we entered, the clattering of cutlery and a touch of musique echoed throughout the softly lit room. Recently renovated, there are French posters on the walls and metal railings around every corner,  mirroring an authentic Parisian basement from days past. We were shown to a wooden table near a feature, red leather sofa, feeling ourselves melt […]

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rakonto nottingham review


Perfect Rack It’s a simple concept but with infinite possibilities: take all the tastiest animals from cow to prawn, and make them divine by using flavours, marinades, herbs and spices from global influences. Rakonto, on the Hockley strip, has a flavour-scope that spans the Far East to the Far West. The staff kindly explained the menu and flavour combinations and were […]

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mud crab west bridgford review

Mud Crab West Bridgford

With a seemingly endless supply of up and comings, bright young things and yummy mummies, it’s not surprising that West Bridgford has a generous handful of restaurants, bars and quaint delis along the main strip to keep them all fed. Mud Crab on Central Avenue is a cool and sophisticated space but retains a laid back air. Huge leather-backed booths, […]

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Curry has become a staple of UK dining; from the creamy korma, to the mouth-killing phaal. If you want a bit more than loads of spice and a long catch-up with the toilet the next day, Singh’s is your place. A little haven of Indian finery and delicious dishes, Singh’s will leave you with cravings […]

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